Buy Modafinil 200mg Online

Also known as Provigil, it offers consumers many benefits such as:

  • Increasing vigilance
  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Improving reaction time and memory
  • It is not associated with any death records
  • It has few side effects
  • It has the low potentiality of being abused or causing addiction.

Modafinil users

Modafinil is produced for use by people in different fields. The drug is designed for people who wish to enhance their mental alertness. It is used by individuals such as sports enthusiasts, professional executives, gamers and students. It is also used by governments and governmental organizations. In the educational fields, Modafinil has positive effects such enhancing focus and improving cognitive abilities. It also enhances short-term memory. The drug is useful to athletes and sports enthusiasts because it enhances motivation, improves stamina and enables quicker reflexes and heightens alertness.

Why Modafinil is recommended for use

Modafinil has been proven scientifically to be effective in the enhancement of mental alertness, boosting levels of motivation, enhancing cognition and promoting wakefulness. The drug enables its users to perform tasks with little effort and at high speeds. Studies indicate that it is not associated with major side effects and can be easily purchased on the internet. It enables consumers to enjoy performing their daily tasks.

Modafinil’s safety to consumers

Since the drug came into existence seventeen years ago, more than thirteen thousand studies have been conducted to determine its safety. It has been proven to be a safe drug for human consumption since it does not have major negative side effects. 90% of its use is “off-label” and it exhibits very little potential of being abused. In addition, it does not have addictive properties which means that users do not run the risk of drug dependence.

Purchasing Modafinil

Buying the drug has been made easy since purchases can be conducted online which provide clients with good services that make accessing the drug easy, efficient and effective.


Modafinil can be shipped to clients using Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS is recognized internationally for shipping merchandise and documents.


Afinil Express enables consumers to purchase Modafinil using their MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoins. The client is offered the tracking number within 24 hours of payment clearance and order shipped within 12-24 hours after payment has been cleared and a receipt issued.


Shipping Modafinil using Afinil Express guarantees clients that the product will be delivered in good time and condition. The organization offers free reshipment and refunds under the following conditions:

  •  In case of being lost
  •  Delivery of wrong product
  •  Delivery of wrong quantity

Modalert and Modvigil

These two drugs are easily confused and therefore proper care should be taken when placing an order. Although the two drugs have similar medicinal value, Modalert is a Sun Pharmaceuticals brand while Modvigil is produced by HAB pharmaceuticals.