OxyMedicines.com Reviewed: Newly Created Online Pharmacy

The ease with which individuals can sell products online has led to the appearance of an astounding number of online shops and drugstores. Unfortunately, this makes it extremely difficult to know which online pharmacies are legit, and which carry out their activity without obeying national and international laws. Purchasing products from an unlicensed online drugstore can either lead to you receiving generic placebos that have no effect, the wrong medicine, or you can simply pay and get an empty box.

We’re looking at OxyMedicines.com, a newly created online pharmacy that sells both generic as well as brand name medications. At a glance, the website seems to be a legitimate online pharmacy, however, appearances can be deceiving. Our review teams have looked into the website’s lesser known legal and technical details in order to establish if it is safe to use or not. Here is what they have uncovered:

Domain Details

Right from the start, the online store loses a lot of its credibility, due to its domain records. The website was registered in 2018, and will expire on 2019-12-13. This shows us that it is meant to operate for less than a year, which is very common for scam websites due to the fact that it allows the owners to easily disappear and cover their tracks. The personal details of the registrant are hidden and the contact details lead to a Panama, PA, P.O. Box, number 0823-03411. The details of the registrant have been hidden using a third-party privacy service.

Business Profile

By taking a closer look at the domain records, we have confirmed that the store is quite new, however, we have also discovered that a portion of the provided details are intentionally misleading. While ScamAdviser did award the drugstore a 71% trust score, the fact that there is little information regarding things like the exact address of the company makes it difficult to track it, should anything go wrong.

Regulatory Approvals

No online drugstore can function legally without regulatory approvals. Our specialists have looked into the website’s records and it does bare a CIPA seal (visible at the bottom of the homepage). However, when checking the public CIPA database, they have found that the drugstore is not on the list, making it clear that the seal is a fake meant to trick customers into trusting the website and buying products off of it. Furthermore, the store does not meet the LegitScript verification standards, making it untrustworthy when it comes to online payment.

Products and Pricing

The pharmacy offers a large number of medications that are designed to treat a variety of illnesses. These include:

  • Xanax
  • Opioid
  • Ritalin
  • Fentanyl
  • Anxiety Pills

Each of the types of pills specified above are offered by the drugstore for only a fraction of what they would cost in a physical, trustworthy pharmacy. This has led us to believe that they are either fakes that have no effect, or substandard products that should not be administered to humans. Selling sub-par products at extremely low prices is a common practice of illegitimate online stores.

Payment and Shipping

The first warning sign that jumped to our attention was the fact the platform has no encrypted payment security services. In other words, there is no way to make sure that the credit card and banking information entrusted to it is safe from malicious third parties. This having been said, the pharmacy accepts payment through:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Western Union

In terms of shipping, the drugstore can deliver products using either airmail or an EMS service, with the latter being more expensive due to having the ability to track the package. Both means can be used to deliver locally and internationally.

Delivery Time

From our research, the deliver time does vary depending on the buyer’s location and chosen delivery method, however, we have been able to establish that airmail typically takes 3 weeks to arrive, while the EMS service gets the job done in only 10 business days.

Customers’ Feedbacks

The customer feedback that comes from ratings or testimonial pages is usually invaluable in establishing if a platform is trustworthy or not. The online pharmacy does have a testimonial page, however, it is filled with generic reviews that may have been written by paid individuals. The platform has no reviews on independent, specialized customer review websites such as TrustPilot. While they drugstore may be new, it should still have at least a handful of relevant reviews.

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of all the pharmacies that our specialists have found to be legitimate. These are trusted platforms due to the fact that they offer complete transparency in terms of domain details, physical addresses, commercial licensing, and payment security. Furthermore, they also offer great customer support, fast delivery services, and fair pricing. Look at this list in order to find the ones that best suit your needs.


OxyMedicines.com is a perfect example of the fact that appearances can be deceiving. While the platform does appear to be legit, its trustworthy reputation crumbles when doing a big of research. The website does not have any kind of governmental licensing, it lacks reviews on independent websites, and it does not provide any security for online payments. Due to these issues, we have rated OxyMedicines.com as an online drugstore with a 1-star rating.