Euro Pharma Store: Attention! Scam Alert! claims to be a dedicated supplier of quality health and beauty products. The online pharmaceuticals shop also states that it has been in business for over 12 years, thereby offering a guarantee with regard to its services. Upon reviewing the platform, we, however, have noticed several inconsistencies. The review below shows what we have uncovered and will help you decide if you should trust the online store or not.

Domain Details

We already have claims from the owner that this pharmacy has been around for twelve years or more. In order to find information to support this claim, we have looked into the registration details of the website. The business’s history dates back to 13-10-2014, earliest, making it only 5 years old. The domain name is also registered for just a few years. This type of issue is extremely common in the case of rogue pharmacies. The domain names have been registered to have a shorter life span such as this one so that they disappear after completing their “mission.” Trusted online pharmacies are recorded for as much as ten years or more

Web Platform

The pharmacy is run on an unsafe website. It lacks a valid SSL certificate which means that there is no guarantee that the personal information collected from users will not be leaked. The site is also poorly optimized and needs over 10-15 seconds in order to load making it difficult to browser regardless of platform. This having been said, the content on the website is well-organized.

Business Profile

The drugstore doesn’t give us its physical location. The owner of the website must disclose his location in order to ensure that the online pharmacy is licensed by the government of the country to which it belongs to. We have used a specialized search engine named ScamAdviser in order to discover more information with regard to the location, however, the results pointed to multiple countries as being possible locations. These are:

  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • The Netherlands

Otherwise, its real location remains unascertained.


The online store offers a large variety of generic health and beauty products, however, the most advertised (and apparently most purchased) items are sexual health drugs. All of the drugs are of uncertain quality as they’re not regulated or seen through by the FDA. The website mentions that the drugs are made and shipped from India, and this is one of the most common false statements used by rogue drugstores in order to reassure clients. In reality, the low prices of the products may not be due to where they are made, but a result of their poor quality, and this must be taken into consideration as they can be potentially dangerous.

Regulatory Approvals

We have gone through the databases of various regulatory bodies in the stated countries, however, we couldn’t find the name of this pharmacy. Check below for more information:

  • In LegitScript’s database, the domain name is labeled with a “rogue” comment.
  • ScamAdviser says that the pharmacy deserves a null trust rate (0%) due to its worrying low quality of services.
    GPhC hasn’t regulated it either.

This shows that the online pharmacy is not regulated by any governmental body, nor does it offer the minimum quality of service in order to make it safe to use.

Payment and Shipping

It’s not made clear which credit cards are accepted during payments by the pharmacy, but the words “credit cards” are clearly spelled out. The payments page the only section of the website that has proper security. In this regard, all personal details entered when purchasing a product are encrypted by an SSL. The pharmacy’s shipping policy explains the terms, fees, and the duration of shipping through various means. To begin with, the package is claimed to be shipped from the manufacturer in India. Below are the shipping options:

  • Express International Mail
  • Standard International Airmail

The first option costs $30, is trackable, and takes 5-9 days to the arrival time of the package. Also, it is available in a limited number of countries. The second one is available to clients from all over the world, it costs $10, takes between 14-21 days, however, it isn’t trackable. A keen look at these shipping terms, however, makes us suspect that they are just generic explanations and not actual information regarding their shipping practices.

Customer Feedbacks

Reviews are made available on the website for others to see if “customers are satisfied with their services”. We have entered some of the comments on Google and have discovered that they are “stock” testimonials that appear on other platforms in order to promote similar products. Third-party review sites don’t offer any feedback for the pharmacy. There are no reliable comments that could confirm that the products are actually delivered or to offer details with regard to their quality.


There is little information and proof for us to consider this online pharmacy trustworthy; The drugs that it sells do not meet pharmaceutical standards, services are inadequate, reviews are robotic, the site is insecure, and more. We rate it with 1 star for all these reasons. Furthermore, we advise you to keep a distance from it and seek alternative, safe pharmacies.

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by us and chosen to be trusted according to such points as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the most convenient services for yourself.