Lemonaid Health: Online Pharmacy You Should Trust

The continuous development of online platforms has led to the treatment of illnesses and ordering medications moving from physical locations to virtual ones. Today’s platforms can offer reliable medical advice and fast access to a variety of treatments at low prices. However, the vast size of the online world has also led to the appearance of less than reputable websites that make money by scamming individuals. In this review, we will look at LemonAidHealth.com in order to determine if it is a legitimate website, or a scam-site that should be avoided at all costs.

Domain Information

Our technical specialists have checked the website’s domain information using HostingChecker and WhoIs. The specialized platforms show that the website is hosted on Armor Defense Inc. Data Center. The domain was registered on GoDaddy LLC by Icebreaker Health Inc. The domain was registered on 2015-07-01, expires on 2020-07-01 and was last updated on 2018-12-04. The website’s servers can be found in Richardson, US.

Business Profile

The website serves as an online doctor’s office for patients who are unable to physically travel to a hospital or those who prefer not to. It also serves as an online pharmacy, delivering various types of medication. New users are greeted by a questionnaire that covers basic elements such as medical history, symptoms, allergies, treatments that are currently administered, etc. The website can also ask for other details such as blood pressure, in order to advise regarding birth control pills. Users can then receive an online consultation performed by a doctor or nurse practitioner via video chat.

The average waiting time to be greeted by a specialist is around 2 minutes. The company does offer free delivery services for those who order pharmaceutical products from the website, however, individuals can also get these from other online or real-world sources. The platform also offers a mobile app, for those who want to be constantly in touch with their online specialists. This company has been featured in media such as The New York Times, CNBC, TechCrunch, Glamour, Bustle, Bedsider, Refinery 29, and many more, which does increase its legitimacy. 

Products and Pricing

The company offers affordable and reliable healthcare services to individuals in the United States, as well as medication to treat a large variety of health-related issues and conditions. These include:

  • Hair loss
  • Cold sores and flu
  • Acne
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sinus infections
  • Acid reflux, etc.

Regulatory Approvals

The online pharmacy works with a team of licensed medical practitioners, all of whom are certified to issue treatments and whose identities can be found on the website. This level of transparency allows all those interested to look up the credentials of those who are treating them in order to determine if they are experienced enough and qualified to treat certain conditions. The prescription policy also prevents their medical staff from writing prescriptions that don’t treat any conditions not listed on their website. They also cannot write prescriptions for substances that are controlled by the DEA. They have also received certification from LegitScript as an internet pharmacy. LegitScript has determined that the website meets acceptable standards for transparency, validity, and safety. It also monitors the website and can be contacted if any problems arise.

Payment and Shipping

Payments can be covered with a debit or a credit card. Insurance can cover the medications prescribed, depending on the medicines prescribed and the health plan of the insurance policy. Insurance won’t cover the consultation fee of $25, but that is a lot less than most insurance co-pays. The drugstore offers delivery and prescription transfers in many states of America. 


The website’s design perfectly complements their logo of a slice of lemon and provides users with all the necessary company information like contact details, registration, shipping, payment, etc. for their reading. The LegitScript certification is legit and can be reviewed with the provider itself to assuage any doubts. Their pharmacy delivers medications to patients on their doctor’s recommendation and provides a monthly delivery service for conditions that require regular treatment. The company has also provided a prescription policy that shows users of the online doctor’s office what they can and can’t prescribe. Also available are a few customer testimonials and an FAQ section. They are filled with glowing reviews and some more information that others have looked for. There is no actual Contact’ page on the website. However, there is contact information at the bottom of each web page and phone number at the top of each page (beside the LemonAid logo). 

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by us and chosen to be trusted according to such points as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the most convenient services for yourself.  


LemonAidHealth.com is not a scam; it is a legitimate provider of medication and medical advice with proper credentials. It has set out its purpose and its limitations very clearly, and thus, we award the website a 3-star rating.